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Most companies have IT infrastructures that are the result of need-based deployment. Departments making their own purchases depending on their individual requirement have led to set-ups that have products from multiple vendors. Such an environment presents enormous challenges in terms of ensuring service for each product purchased, as well as delivering support for them. And when companies straddle various locations, things get even more complex.

BSPL helps your organisation to stay focused on the critical issues - how you can leverage technology to run your business better, instead of getting sucked into the complexities of running the infrastructure. With this approach you get the benefits of outsourcing, while maintaining control over budgets, resources, vendor selection, etc.

BSPL has a bouquet of support services that cover hardware, software and service solutions. From installation to upgrades, from preventative measures to 24X7 problem resolution, we have a suite of services that can be customised for your organisation. We also have a dedicated team of engineers to attend our customer who avail our cost-effective 'Annual Maintenance Contract'. What's more, we are open and willing to extend this facility even to those who have not bought the equipments from us.

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